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Juicy Ben looks like denis daily lmao swimmingpool liners swimming pool am golan and jesus am-50bae-adds michal golan hamsa golan petcock This movie looks so icky. Lemme guess, creepy revenge story about a hot teenager seducing the helpless older guy for killing her father when he worked/was in a prison or something? Why are fantasies like this still being made? There's been enough trash movies about sexualised young girls obsessed with mediocre middle aged men. And why is Sophie Turner cast in anything that requires her to act or even speak? She should be a model or something..

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Its imposible to build a pool with out the stairs.. .

So I guess they really did make a pool without ladders.

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Star Cinema gumawa din kayo ng ganyang pelikula ,Hindi Yung PURO love story ,

Her accent is across the board.

a deep swimming pool without stair isn't standard, and that's the worst case that could be happened when your Engineer ignored the regulation.

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what did you expect from a movie starring ricegum

No clue about this.Sophie Turner is Sooo overrated. The accent is a mess. Its a shame as McDermott is usually pretty good

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14% on RottenTomat. No thanks! michal golan earrings golan fuel filter They copied some bits from the movie The Meg


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Ang pinoy movies puro nalang love story. Almost every month may bagong trailer. Hayy..why not make something different like mystery, crime/horror, suspense like other foreign movies? Kaya hindi ginaganahan ang pinoy sa sariling gawa kasi sukang suka na sa love story. At kaya hindi tayo nag-iimprove sa mga special effects kasi very rarely lang to have such in the philippine movie industry. Nakakapanghinayang lang....


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